How to make free web sites.

How To Make Free Web Sites

In this guide I will show you how to make free web sites like this one and get them published on the web for free. It's a quick and easy guide that will save you hours of reading and help you avoid time-wasting mistakes.

If you are looking to build an online business or a personal web site then this information is what you need.

On the web there are many ways to achieve a goal but to keep everything as simple as possible, I will be showing you one direct path to make free web sites that get visitors.

The three simple steps I will cover are:

How do I get free web space ?
How do I make a web page ?
How do I promote my web site free ?

About free web sites.

A web site is simply one or more web pages at the same location on the web.

To provide free web sites costs money. This money is reclaimed by placing advertisements on the web site.

By giving away free web sites, the hosting company creates a large amount of advertising space that can be rented out.

The ads are usually in the form of banner ads which are usually 468x60 pixels in size and in the GIF format.

The other way to reclaim money is by having a link back to the host web site where they can promote products and services.

Freeservers use both methods as you can see by examining the banner at the top of this web page.

When you upload your web pages (save them to the web) extra html code is added to the html file to produce the banner ad when the page is viewed. By clicking on "view" then "source" in your web browser, you open the html file and can see the html code for the web page and find the extra code that was inserted.

If you copy your source code (download) from the web remember to remove this extra code before uploading the page again because a second set of code may be inserted.

Don't worry if you don't understand the terms, it'll all become clear soon.

The 3 simple steps.

How To
Get Free Web Space

How To
Make a Web Page

How Do I
Promote My Website Free?

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